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About Bordallo Pinheiro
Bordallo Pinheiro Factory of Artistic Earthenware was founded in 1884 in Caldas da Rainha, originally under the name "Fábrica de Faianças das Caldas da Rainha” (The Earthenware Factory of Caldas da Rainha).

Bordallo Pinheiro Factory of Artistic Earthenware has been, for over a century, responsible for the design of a gallery of utilitarian and decorative ceramic pieces that have become a worldwide artistic reference.

Description of the Company

Bordallo Pinheiro Factory of Artistic Earthenware was created with the purpose of revitalizing the traditional arts of ceramics, crossing them with the modernity of many styles that foretell the future, but, above all, with the originality of its creator, Rafael Bordallo Pinheiro. Thus was born the artistic production of pieces that are, until today, inseparable from our imagination and cultural references of a universal nature.

By still using most of the centuries-old techniques in the reproduction of models, Bordallo Pinheiro Factory of Artistic Earthenware continues to recover an irreplaceable legacy. At the same time, and animated by the same pioneering spirit, it is an innovative company, creating contemporary products and enhancing its prestige in the various markets where the brand is present.

General Information:

Bordallo Pinheiro operates in a factory located in Caldas da Rainha, where the company's headquarters are located, and has an office in Lisbon.
We offer the full Bordallo Pinheiro product catalog via Shop Local